CONTI7 is a global supplier of maritime services and solutions. With offices in different countries around the world and an international network of partners and agents, you can rely on us for shipping services that extend across the globe…



We believe in a different approach at Conti7.
We put you first.


As a family-run company, we have complete flexibility and freedom. It allows us to meet your every need. We are able to quickly adapt and add to our existing services. Or innovate and expand to keep the quality of our services as high as possible.
This approach is the engine behind our growth. Over almost 100 years of operations, we have frequently expanded into niche markets to ensure your needs have been met. The incredible length of our client relations testify to our success.



Our company has certainly developed in unexpected directions since we first began business in 1923.
The depth and variety of our expanded services illustrated the need to refocus as a holding company with numerous independent subsidiaries. This has allowed us to maintain an operational approach where you remain our main focus. It’s allowed us to base our business on communication rather than hierarchy. It’s ensured we continue working as a team. All of which keeps the door open to new possibilities in the future.

`` Human capital is our biggest asset. Creativity arises from the human brain, innovation is the practical application thereof. Being creative is thinking differently. Innovating is acting differently. As Conti7 intends to remain a high-performing market-leader in the coming decades, all our colleagues live, cherish and cultivate this spirit of innovation. ``
Jean-Frédéric Brion
Jean-Frédéric Brion
Executive Chairman


Conti7 services are constantly expanding to ensure your needs and interests are met. We believe that if you are prepared to take a risk on a new opportunity we should be too.

This approach has seen us investigate new markets and establish offices around the world. We are happy to offer you a full and diverse range of services including:
• liner and parcel services
• broking and chartering
• tramping
• freight forwarding and logistics
• port operations and warehousing.

We guarantee the highest quality in each of them. Whenever you need them. Wherever you need them. Whatever your commodity. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. And it’s what we look forward to doing in the future.


A peaceful environment is only possible with respect. Respect between employers and employees. Respect between co-workers. And respect for you and your specific needs.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our clients. We focus on producing work of the highest quality, always with a matching standard of service.

Tailoring our services to the needs of our clients requires us to be brave. We must be prepared to make difficult decisions. And we have to take potential risks. This is the only way to ensure the top-quality service our clients are looking for.

We are driven by a passion to serve our clients at the highest standards. It gives us the energy, creativity and bravery we need to tailor solutions to specific client needs. Our passion encourages us to look for opportunities for improvement in everything we do.

Our goal is to fulfil every one of our clients’ needs. This has led us to create new services and new experiences, invest in new businesses and make the absolute most of every new opportunity.

As a client, you are never alone when you work with Conti7. You are supported by teams of different highly qualified people, departments and companies, all committed to delivering you the service you need.


For almost 100 years, Conti7 has hyper-specialised in offering flexible maritime solutions. All our diverse services are tailored to meet the particular needs of clients from around the world.


We believe that with hard work, honesty and commitment, we will be able to offer specialised maritime services tailored to the specific needs of individual clients across a wide variety of areas. By offering tailored solutions, we aim to be able to provide our clients with services that meet all their needs, from A to Z while pushing the boundaries of maritime services.