Conti7 Group Overview

Continental Lines founded in 1923

  • 1923 - Continental Lines N.V. was founded

    The name Continental Lines referred to a service of two vessels operating between the UK and the Continent (Europe).
  • 1924 - Registration Chamber of Commerce

    Continental Lines NV was officially registered on July 21, 1924 at the Chamber of Commerce in Antwerp.
  • 1950 - Continental Lines became an agent

    After World War II and after 5 years of no activity, Continental Lines resumed it's business as vessel/cargo operator and started developing agency activities.
  • 1973 - 50th anniversary

    The company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.
  • 1973 - R. Westphal & Co founded

    R. Westphal & Co was founded in 1973 in Hamburg. In 1987 Continental Lines acquired 100% shareholding.
  • 1987 - Establishment of ACSA

    ACSA (Antwerp Consortium of Shipping Agents) was founded in June 1987.
  • 1998 - Start of the holding company: beginning of the 'Conti7 Group'

    In 1998 Continental Lines celebrated it's 75th anniversary. In the same year, Continental Lines became a holding company and independent subsidiaries were formed. The Conti7 Group was born.
  • 1999 - Change of name

    The change of the name Continental Lines to Conti7 was officially registered on January 6, 1999.
  • 1999 - Accession of Sermar

    In May 1999 Sermar joined the Conti7 Group.
  • 2000 - Joint venture with Kennedy Hunter

    In January 2000, the 50/50 joint venture between the Conti7 Group and Kennedy Hunter was created. In 2010 Conti7 acquired 100% ownership.
  • 2003 - Relocation to current headquarters

    Move to current building - Generaal Lemanstraat 82-92 in Berchem (Antwerp).
  • 2005 - CONTI GMT

    Conti7 and GMT Shipping started a 50/50 joint-venture business for ship and cargo operations out of Brazil, the Black Sea and Turkey.
  • 2005 - MOL-CONTI (j/v)

    In November 2005 Mitsui O.S.K. Line and Conti7 created a joint-venture service for exports of steel cargo from Japan to Central and South America.
  • 2008 - BoConti

    BoConti was founded in 2008. Two years later, in 2010, the Conti7 Group acquired 100% ownership.