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How can we make your shipping run smoothly? This is a very important question. But it’s not a question we ask you. It’s actually what we asked ourselves when we began creating AbuDyck.

We based our answers on our own experiences and insight in warehousing and handling. Our understanding of risks, values and safety. And everything else we have learnt over years of working on site. All to make sure you, your cargo and your safety always come first.



We identified a number of ways to make your shipping as efficient as possible.
They included expanding the range of in-house and value-added services we offer. And so you can now rely on us to arrange forwarding, broking and chartering and an array of other agency services. You can also be sure we use our local knowledge to provide you with targeted advice. We open up the benefits of our network of reliable contacts to you and your business.



We also decided to streamline our approach to handling. We changed the layout of our quay. We introduced overhead cranes for loading and discharging. As well as magnets.
A great way to reduce labour and costs while increasing safety and speed. And we avoid using forklifts. The result? Your cargo is safe and kept far from harm. Which is wonderful. Because we all know those small damages add up to big losses.


We also re-examined our procedures. We asked ourselves how we could make them more professional. And better for you. You’ll find we map out your storage in the most efficient way.
And because you want to know exactly where your cargo is, we introduced a Track & Trace system. Whether it’s in our warehouse or on the road, your consignment is always on the map. Great for you. Great for the clients you’re delivering to.


There is one more question. It’s always on our minds, but not just for us to answer. It’s also a question for you. You are welcome to answer at any time. Because when you enter into a partnership with AbuDyck, we want it to be for the long-term.
How can we make your shipping run even more smoothly? We would love to know. And you can be sure we will take every step to make it happen.