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All our transactions are subject to the Belgian Freight Forwarding Standard Trading Conditions 2005. The text of those Conditions has been published under number 0090237 in the ‘Annexe au Moniteur Belge dated June 24th, 2005′.

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All operations are subject to the General Conditions for the Handling of Goods and related activities in the Port of Antwerp, as logged on March 26th, 2009 with the Clerk of the Antwerp Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Valid as from April 1st,2009.

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Our Service


Are you looking for a reliable maritime agency to meet your needs? You can count on us to arrange and organise any and every maritime service you need.
It makes no difference whether you’re working with conventional freight or are in a niche market with containers to move. We are here to help you.



We have the knowledge, the experience and the contacts to ensure you have exactly what you are looking for. And we are flexible enough to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

If you would like your cargo freighted from A to B? You’ll be happy to know we work with a fleet of companies that service virtually every port and market around the world between them.

You’ll benefit from the perfect balance of high shipping speeds and low costs. You’ll also have a vessel perfectly suited to your cargo. Which is a must for ensuring your load arrives undamaged and in impeccable condition. And you can be sure this will happen: we only work with operators who perform to the high standards we require – the standards you can rely on.



Don’t forget your paperwork. It’s not your cup of tea? We understand. Especially when it comes to the confusing array of forms and declarations involved with international shipping, importing and exporting.
There is a way to make sure all your paperwork and documentation is complete, up to date and properly prepared for processing by customs and all the other different authorities. Ask us to do it for you. You’ll have complete accuracy. And you’ll have it within 24 hours. Which is certain to save you a lot of time and an incredible amount of stress. Plus, with a dot on every i and a cross on every t, there won’t be any reason for you and your cargo to be delayed for even a moment.


Sound appealing? It’s just the tip of the iceberg. At Kennedy Hunter, our goal is to offer you a complete service. Whatever you need. Whenever you need it. We are never more than a phone call away.