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Results? You only want the best ones possible. And this is especially the case when your goods from the Baltic or the Black Sea are headed to clients in West Africa.

Because your focus is not just on the long-term possibilities. You need to look at the reality of the very moment. Which means relying on the experience and expertise of your shipping service. As well as their ability to work hand-in-hand with agencies for loading, discharging and port organisation. Where do you find it? CONTI GMT SHIPPING.



CONTI GMT SHIPPING is a 50/50 joint venture between the Conti7 Group and GMT Shipping Group. The collaboration allows for frequent services from the Baltic Sea and Black Sea to West Africa.
The numerous sailings mean greater flexibility and enable CONTI GMT SHIPPING to implement a genuinely service-minded approach. The excellent record of our company pays homage to the strength of the partnership and the solid understanding from which it has developed.



The focus of CONTI GMT SHIPPING? Meeting your needs. This is made possible like nowhere else.

Our in-house agencies will plan and pre-load your commodities to ensure safety and security at all times. Loading and discharging happen the very moment you need them to happen. Perfect if you find yourself with only a small window of opportunity. Using our own warehouses and our network of contacts allows us to keep everything moving smoothly. And since we have extensive experience and expertise in shipping, we have the insight required to keep risk to an absolute minimum once your cargo leaves its home port. It’s the most direct route to perfect delivery.

We give you the result you want.


CONTI GMT SHIPPING has now been active for more than ten years. We are here for the long term. And are happy to build a partnership with you. Would you like to see your needs met by genuine experts? And benefit from the highest standards in shipping and port agency services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.