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COOL-C.E.S., the Colombia and Caribbean Express Service, does not just offer a reliable service. It offers a direct service. Each and every week. Which means you can move a consignment every week. And while this may put a smile on your clients’ faces, it’s probably not all they want from you. Because they expect you to supply them quickly.
With COOL-C.E.S. you’ll speed your cargo from Antwerp to Rio Haina in only 9 days and to Santa Marta in a lightning-fast 11 days.



As well as a commitment to speed, we take a personal approach to shipping.

And when you take our extensive experience into consideration, you have every right to expect a personalised approach that goes beyond what you’ll find elsewhere. We won’t disappoint. Because we base our services on what you ask for.
We also follow our own carefully developed procedures. They’re designed to ensure your cargo receives absolute care. At every stage from handling and loading to shipping and of course, discharging. Whatever type of freight you need to move. From project cargo to roro and any commodity that’s ever seen the inside of a shipping container. We provide optimal conditions for shipping. Which means your clients receive their goods in optimal condition. It’s part of what makes us reliable. With each and every shipment. Week after week after week.


Of course, you expect your business to last for more than a number of weeks. You and your client are probably looking at a partnership that will last for years. And you can be sure COOL-C.E.S. is looking for the same long lasting relationship.

Working alongside to make sure you get the absolute best from your partnerships. Whether they already exist or are still to be developed. Because we believe in meeting your needs. In the short term and in the long term. We want to work with you. And build a trusting business relationship. One that begins the very moment you contact us.